How To Keep Your Man Interested In Only You

This makes finding a man and earning his respect a seemingly difficult endeavor for some single women and men. If you want to learn how to get a man in your life who respects you there are a few things you can do but it should never involve settling for what you’d consider second best. Instructions 1 Make yourself available without being too obvious.

Don’t play games where you wait for him to call you or purposely allow days to go by before speaking with him. How To Keep Your Man Interested In Only You use the

How To Keep Your Man Interested In Only You fc19 How To Keep Your Man Interested In Only You

first stages of bonding with your guy to get to really know him while you’re chatting with him:

  1. Modest skirts and dresses are acceptable
  2. Show him that you have been listening and paying attention to him by putting the information to good use
  3. Building an armory of techniques on capturing the interest of a guy without these key basics may or may not get you noticed
  4. This doesn’t mean that you get to grill them and ask them detailed information about their life
  5. Give him enough of reason to believe in you and depend on you and he surely will! Earn his respect It is not easy to earn respect

. Learn details about his family background what makes him tick and things he likes.

If he is interested he will: be interested in talking his body How To Keep Your Man Interested In Only You language will indicate that he likes you (he is facing you and arms are open or resting at his sides)he seems interested in what you are saying will lean towards you when talking and asks you questions to keep the conversation from stalling. Some signs that he’s not all that interested: talks to you but looks away every few seconds checks his watch checks out other girls while you’re talking any part of his body turned away from you or just seems like he really isn’t interested in keeping the conversation flowing. If you get any of these signs How To Keep Your Man Interested In Only You don’t waste your time or your breath he’s not really interested.

If you have nice lips wear lip glass that will enhance their shape and color; making them perfect. If you have long pretty hair avoid wearing it in pony tails and make sure that it moves; easy on the hairspray. Make

sure you’re graceful feminine and fluid in you body movements facial expressions hand gestures and in the manner in which you walk.

One of the first things you must learn about how to get a man and keep him forever has to do with his personal space and choices. When we become involved seriously with someone it’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to change them. Doing this to a man can damage the relationship beyond repair. If he doesn’t dress the way you enjoy don’t badger him about buying new clothes. If he wants to spend time with his friends let him go do that.’s_get_married

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