How To Make Him Want You Gay

Seduce him The best method that you can apply to get your guy to kiss you is to master the art of seduction. How To Make Him Want You Gay men can be over the edge when it comes to seduction therefore you need to use this to your advantage and practice to seduce him in your most subtle manner. If you want to know how to get a guy to kiss you I am sure being a girl will give you more tools and weapons than you can imagine.

Guys often take notice of the best dressed and most pulled together women in the workplace. This does not mean to wear ultra short skirts or your most form fitting clothing. You should come to work with the intention of capturing the guys attention while leaving something for his imagination.

Always be physically attractive for everyone Always please his eyes and always be attractive whether you’re in private or public places. Dressing up can be a normal routine for you but this is one of the ways in which you can have him hooked into

you. You must dress with class don’t be too revealing as this will only make him think less about you.

Be open about your wants as well as your needs; but also be How To Make Him Want You Gay reasonable. 2. Be ready at all times.

Have some respect for yourself I assure you men will elevate their game. Rule #2: Do things he likes to do! Watch a basketball game and try not to talk about men butts or colors all the time. Its kinda funny or cute in the beginning but It can really get annoying especially during crunch time. Allow your guy to feel like he can be himself around you unapologetically. Rule #3: Dont be afraid to go downtown on your man. Women these days are doing EVERYTHING to get a man or even steal one.

Show him that you How To Make Him Want You Gay respect his position and take his advice into consideration when making important decisions. The guy may notice you more if you make him feel valued and wanted as a coworker and friend. 4 Exhibit a cheerful disposition.

Touching is also a great way to stimulate your guy. Lastly its time to lure him in. Making the move yourself could be too aggressive but only you can decided this depending on the connection you have with your date. If you are unsure all you need to do is invite him to kiss you.

Once at the club make it your business to talk to ALL the guys you think are hot. They will be surprised that you had the guts to approach them. This is always exciting and shows that you are not afraid to go after what you like. Talking will relax your nerves and give you the boost you need to attract the guy you have your eye on. 5 Dance like there is no tomorrow.

This proves that even a woman can pursue a potential

How To Make Him Want You Gay e875 How To Make Him Want You Gay

mate AND be successful. Know how to get a man with these 3 tips that every woman should know: 1. Ask yourself: “What does it take to satisfy me?” When you answer this question try not to complicate your response. Wanting a man who dry-cleans his boxers instead of putting them in the machine is not a quality that should get in the way or your quest of finding a man. Be sure to list attributes that will contribute to your lifestyle and his.


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